find google api.js version

i'm showing the google drive picker in the browser. For deployment i would like to freeze the version of the js file included to prevent future uncontrolled conflicts.

In the webpage ( just includes the script using

I've found out that adding the querystring ?v= enables to load an specific version. However, i can't find out which is the current version. This info is not provided neither in the page nor in the js file. I couldn't find a changelog.

Do you know if the js file version is available anywhere?


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  • answered 2018-01-16 22:32 Yevhenii Herasymchuk

    Please, take a look at the code at the link you provided. This isn't actually a library. It's just a loader for the library.

    Here is a text from the documentation:

    First, the Google API Loader script is loaded. It is instructed to load the Google Picker JavaScript and the Authentication API when its loading has completed.

    When this code invokes by the browser, it creates similar request. You can see this in Network Tab in Chrome Dev.



    At this docs you can read more about loader. As you can see you can load any library, not only auth and picker. Also, there is a place where you can pass version you want to load.

    But, in your case of picker library, here you can find available APIs and there is only one version for Google Picker API.