Import users to BIM 360 project using Forge V2 endpoint

I'm experimenting with the automatic setup of projects in BIM 360 Field using the Autodesk Forge API. The code is designed to run on internal systems and currently uses the two legged authentication method. I've managed to get a project setup, I'm now trying to add a project admin using the recommended V2 import endpoint:

POST projects/:project_id/users/import

As I'm using two legged authentication I'm specifying my x-user-id in the header. When I run this I receive the following error:

{} - The client_id specified does not have access to the api product

This happens no matter which V2 endpoint I use; even though all services are enabled in the Forge Dev Centre for the app. I've looked at this answer and Mikako's solution works, but this is by using the V1 endpoint, I'd like to be able to use this endpoint, and other V2 endpoints. What could be going wrong with my V2 implementations?

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