Whats the best way to get updates about an aws product?

So I'm checking out aws appsync, and it's clear that it's under development. I really want to know about the latest changes and platform updates that might affect my work with the platform. Is there an easy way to get updates about changes to a specific AWS service (in my case appsync), without getting hit by the firehose of all changes to all AWS products (of which there are tons)?

I know internally at Amazon there are all sorts of interest email lists, but obviously those aren't public.

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  • answered 2018-02-13 02:51 Jeff Bailey

    Unfortunately, there isn't a one-stop subscription to a single service update, though that's an excellent idea.

    You can subscribe to the AWS what's new page (though that might be the noise you were hoping to avoid), or you can subscribe to the AWS Mobile blog, which will house updates to the AppSync service. Unfortunately, both have extra noise, but at least the second option might be a bit more filtered down.