Python programs won't run on commandline but will in shell?

So everything was working fine, python was working fine. No problems until I decided to make a program (in python) which could be useful for stuff that I do often (quickly check the price of Bitcoin). So I wrote it, it worked perfectly both in Console and in the Shell. Then I make a shortcut to the desktop that I wanted to be able to quickly access it by pressing F9. After I create the shortcut, all of a sudden my python programs won't run from the Console! I press F9 and it shows the single frame where it runs then disappears. I played a bit and removed the imports and then it ran (but crashed after it didn't get anything), it seems that now, any library that I haven't installed from the internet (Os, Sys, Random, Math, every Library that comes with python) will import normally and python works. But if I try to use libraries that I installed (which used to be working perfectly fine) from the internet such as Pygame, or Pyperclip, the program just doesn't run. I even tried reinstalling them with pip install. Has anyone else ever encountered this problem? Can someone help me to be able to run them again?