Pragmatically Open Database connection

I am working on a project and have scoured the internet for answers on this topic but could not find a single answer, not even an open source solution.

Maybe you guys could help me out.

In visual studio you can open the database connection window by browsing View -> server explorer -> add connection. that is all well and known but what if I wanted to open that same form from code or a certain API. I cant seem to figure it out but there must be some sort of way to access this form pragmatically since its native to Visual Studio.

For all who are unsure what form I'm talking about, here's a snippet:

enter image description here

So my question to you is, how can I , through code, open this window? If there is nothing built into Visual Studio and C#, do you know of any open source software that accomplishes this or will I have to recreate it with a windows form application?

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  • answered 2018-02-13 00:51 pmcilreavy

    I think you would need to build the form yourself if you need any custom logic etc in which case you could use the ConnectionStringBuilder classes and pass the validated fields from your custom form to the relevant builder class to generate the connection string. Visit here for more information.

    Microsoft also has library on nuget that you could use, although it's deprecated so use with caution. The nuget file, which you can download manually, also contains the source code so perhaps you could use this to jump start your own UI component.