NSWindow scaled drawing in contentView

I'm creating a bare-bones window programmatically and I just need to draw some lines in its content view. The size of the area the lines fall in (worldBounds) needs to be scaled down and I assume I need the contentView bounds origin to be the same as worldBounds origin so it can draw everything. The approach is to set the frame to 1/8 the size, then use setBoundsOrigin and setBoundsSize on the contentView, which I understand scales the coordinate system.

The problem is no drawing appears. The window appears with the correct size. I have a function drawTestLines set up just to test it. If I remove the calls to setBounds, everything draws fine, but of course then the bounds don't match worldBounds. Any help is much appreciated!

var worldBounds = NSRect()
let scale: CGFloat = 0.125

func drawMap() {

    boundLineStore(lineStore, &worldBounds)
    worldBounds.origin.x -= 8
    worldBounds.origin.y -= 8
    worldBounds.size.width += 16
    worldBounds.size.height += 16

    if !draw {

    let scaled = NSRect(x: 300.0,  // to set the window size/position
                        y: 80,
                        width: worldBounds.size.width*scale,   // 575
                        height: worldBounds.size.height*scale) // 355

    window = NSWindow(contentRect: scaled,
                      styleMask: .titled,
                      backing: .buffered,
                      defer: false)

    window.contentView!.setBoundsSize(worldBounds.size)     // (4593, 2833)
    window.contentView!.setBoundsOrigin(worldBounds.origin) // (-776, -4872)

    // Draw map lines
    drawTestLines(in: window.contentView!)

// for testing
func drawTestLines(in view: NSView) {

    let bottom = view.bounds.minY
    let top = view.bounds.maxY
    let left = view.bounds.minX
    let right = view.bounds.maxX

    for i in Int(left)..<Int(right) { // draw vertical lines across the view just to see if it works!
        if i%64 == 0 {
            NSBezierPath.strokeLine(from: NSPoint(x: CGFloat(i), y: bottom), to: NSPoint(x: CGFloat(i), y: top))
    NSBezierPath.strokeLine(from: NSPoint(x: left, y: bottom), to: NSPoint(x: right, y: top))
    NSBezierPath.strokeLine(from: NSPoint.zero, to: NSPoint(x: 50.0, y: 50.0))