How to provide arrays to *_in *_matches_any predicates in Ransack

I'm trying to select records with field value within array.

  verbs = { 'new' => %w(write add), 'edited' => 'edit' }


  verbs = [['new', %w(write add)], ['edited', 'edit']]


<%= :verb_in, options_for_select(verbs, @q.verb_in), {include_blank: 'Any'}, {class: 'chosen-select'} %>


<%= :verb_matches_any, options_for_select(verbs, @q.verb_matches_any), {include_blank: 'Any'}, {class: 'chosen-select'} %>

It gives me following SQL query:

SELECT * FROM messages WHERE "messages"."verb" IN ('"[write add]"') 

But it does not work, I wonder how I can make request below with Ransack?

SELECT * FROM messages WHERE "messages"."verb" ILIKE ANY (ARRAY['add', 'write'])