Bridge multipule nic connections into one switch for lan

Hi my question is: would my bandwidth increase if I were to bridge multiply interfaces all with their our nic into a switch to service my end users. As opposed to having each nic servicing it's our subnet?

My current setup has em4 (wan) from ISP over fiber (300 mbps); em0 servicing my desktop which is running a web server; em1 servicing my xbox; em2 servicing a Poe switch with 2 tp-link access points; and em3 not used. I believe it's important to note that the 4 NICs em0 thru em3 are on the same Intel gbe card. And em4 as a seperate Intel gbe card

My proposed setup has wan unchanged; em0 thru em3 connected to the unmanaged switch and bridged over software (pfsense bridge interface) and all end users services from the switch.

The question comes up because having one subnet is more appealing to me mostly because of the 2 aps. The aps (eap225) management software is friendlier with one net and also I was concerned that the one interface servicing 2 aps would split my bandwidth and not allow me to get the most bang for my buck.

Would this bridging method increase bandwidth to my aps and retain the bandwidth to my xbox and desktop? Or are my assumption wrong?

Thank you for your consideration