Problems loading/using jsoup in ColdBox/Lucee

there are many posts on issues similar to mine, but none of them has helped. Not sure what I am doing wrong. I am trying to load the jsoup jar using this.applicationSettings, and I keep getting an error. Specifically:


this.javaSettings = { 
    loadPaths = [ ".\lib" ], 
    loadColdFusionClassPath = true, 
    reloadOnChange= false 

Yes, jsoup-1.11.2.jar is in \lib for that application. I tried \lib\ too; no joy.

But every time I try to use

myJsoup = createObject("java", "org.jsoup.Jsoup");


myJsoup = createObject("java", "org.jsoup.Jsoup").init();

I get an error,

cannot load class through its string name, because no definition for the class with the specified name [org.jsoup.Jsoup] could be found

Does not matter what function I place the init code in -- handler or model -- or if I put it in a cfscript or cfset. I can even put it in index.cfm and still get the same error. Does not matter what I restart or how many times I restart it. It is as if ColdBox and/or Lucee just refuses to acknowledge the existence of the jar file or something. What gives?

I sure would appreciate any tips! Thanks in advance!

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  • answered 2018-02-13 15:28 Tony Junkes

    I'm not sure if this is just bad documentation out in the wild, a shortcoming of my own understanding or simply a bug in ColdFusion and Lucee...

    I put together a simple test and recreated what you're seeing in both engines. I originally figured there must be an issue with paths in Lucee but ACF produces the same error.

    Looking at existing code I use, it seems I always populate the full path to the JAR/Class files.

    I often do something like this (which works) to load everything in the /lib directory:

    this.javaSettings.loadPaths = directoryList(expandPath("/lib"));

    Which in turn sets the value to [ "/mypath/lib/jsoup-1.11.2.jar" ].