Configuring an API Gateway for docker services on AKS (eshoponcontainers)

I tried to implement a microservice based architecture on AKS (azure managed container service), which exposes some webapi services through an nginx ingress controller as an api gateway. I was using the eShopOnContainers reference application as a blueprint.

The deployment script ( uses an nginx.conf to configure the reverse proxy.

If I try to access an url which does not exist, then the nginx reports a 404. If i try to access an url which should be forwarded to one of my services, then i get also a 404, but this page is not from my nginx service (it looks differently).

Is it possible to get the information which uri's of the nginx are mapped to which cluster Ip's/services? I am a little bit lost, because i don't know how to troubleshot this. How can i figure out where my redirect is broken?

I have the feeling that i missed something in my configuration. Do i need to enable this forwarding in my webapi as well? Microsoft has a lot of books and documentation about microservices and so on (related to their reference app), but i could not find something about the steps which are needed to configure this.

Thanks in advance.