Sending a POST request in libGDX

How would I go about sending a POST request using libGDX in order to act as if I was logging in?

When I use Postman to send a POST request to my server using IP:8080/login?email=EMAIL&password=12345. It shows the HTML code for the correct page after you login. However when using the below code in libGDX it gives me the main login page. I've tried using setContent with and without the ?. I've tried using a Map that contains email and password and passing that into the setContent with HttpParametersUtils.convertHttpParameters(), but no luck.

I also read a post in regards to sending a POST request with Java that requires you to open the connection first before passing in the parameters. But if this the case I have no idea how to go about it using libGDXs networking methods.

This is currently what I have.

 String URL = "http://IP:8080/login";
    Net.HttpRequest httpPOST = new Net.HttpRequest(Net.HttpMethods.POST);
    httpPOST.setContent("?email=EMAIL&password=12345");, new Net.HttpResponseListener() {
                public void handleHttpResponse(Net.HttpResponse httpResponse) {
          "MSG", httpResponse.getResultAsString());

                public void failed(Throwable t) {
          "LOGIN", "was NOT successful!");

                public void cancelled() {
          "LOGIN", "was cancelled!");