Technical Assistance

I'm new to android development and currently working on an application that will be used by NGOs in rural areas with low or no internet connectivity. In order not to sound off, I will want to give a Use Case scenario

  1. NGOs involved in Agriculture provide resources (Mobile devices, improved seedlings, fertilizers, weather information, equipment’s and training for local farmers).

    • NGOs get assistance from "Farm Agents" who interface with farmers.

    • NGOs already have farmers who range from 50 – 1000+ per cluster captured in their database.

    • NGO need accurate stats of registered farmers who benefited from their empowerment program.

    • NGOs give incentive to farmers who complete the training program.


  • Some Farm Agents claim compensation for farmers training that can’t be independently verified by NGOs

    • Some cases of fraud and abuse are recorded as materials provided free for legit farmers are resold to others.

    • Farmers are usually located in rural areas that experience Edge, G and no network. Observation has shown that farmers tend to have better network in the evening when farmers might have returned from farm.

    • NGO’s can’t verify if it’s their farmers that benefited from the training.

    App Expectations

  • NGOs want a solution that will be able to suit that terrain by working offline and in areas with poor GPS connection.

    • NGOs will appreciate a solution that ensures that farm agents for every farm clusters visited, take attendance of farmers. Such solution should allow for farmers to be able to use the app on their own devices to take attendance.

    • NGOs want to verify that only farmers stored on their database actually got the materials. They want facial proofs.

• NGOs in order to ensure that this materials get to rural farmers, want to ascertain the precise location that Farm Agents visited and where each attendance was taken.


  • • Are there ways, to fetch users’ precise coordinates from their mobile device when there is no GPS and internet connection.

    • What's the best way to implement connecting multiple devices, possible 100+ devices at the same time using WIFI Direct. The aim is to allow Farm Agents to take attendance with farmers when there is no internet connection.

    • What’s the best way to verify users’ offline using facial recognition? The aim is to ensure that attendance can only be deemed successful after facial verification of farmers.

P.S: Currently, the app works when there’s internet and GPS connection, but we are in the process of implementing a solution that should work offline and terrains that don’t have good GPS connection.

I look forward to your feedback.