js how to implement map[index]++ concisely

With Array, I can use array[index]++

But with Map, I only know map.set(index,map.get(index)+1)

I think it looks bad, and if index is a long name function, I have to split it into two lines.

Is there a more concise way to implement map[index]++

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  • answered 2018-02-21 03:47 Bergi

    I could only suggest a helper function, like

    function update(map, key, fn) {
        return map.set(key, fn(map.get(key), key));
    update(table, index, i=>i+1);

    There is no syntactic sugar for assignments, and therefore no shorthand assignments either.

    If your keys are strings, you could employ a Proxy with suitable traps to disguise the update as a property access.

    const mapMethods = {
        has: Function.prototype.call.bind(Map.prototype.has),
        get: Function.prototype.call.bind(Map.prototype.get),
        set: Function.prototype.call.bind(Map.prototype.set),
    function asObject(map) {
        return new Proxy(map, mapMethods);

    Disclaimer: Please don't do that. It's scary.