Python: Determine minimum value within a dictionary that contains lists/tuples

I have the following dictionary full of city names as keys, fake coordinates stored within a tuple, and corresponding cumulative pairwise distance values. I am trying write a function that returns the dictionary items for the key with the smallest distance value, 29.550506953719747 in this case.

My dictionary:

d = {'Las_Vegas': ((11.0, 10.0), 31.571777946711684),
     'Los_Angeles': ((4.0, 8.0), 29.550506953719747),
     'San_Diego': ((7.0, 5.0), 32.02332325098408),
     'Seattle': ((3.0, 26.0), 57.29385852375022)}

Desired output:

'Los_Angeles': ((4.0, 8.0), 29.550506953719747)

Current approach:

min(d.items(), key = d.get)

This returns:

('Seattle', ((3.0, 26.0), 57.29385852375022))

1 answer

  • answered 2018-02-21 03:53 Julien

    This should work:

    min(d.items(), key=lambda x: x[1][1])

    The problem with your current solution is that d.items() doesn't return the keys of d, so d.get always returns None when called, so min can't really do its job.

    x[1] will get the dict value for the the key (x[0]) and x[1][1] will then access the second value of the tuple (the one you care about).