Print and for in 1 line Python 3.6.4

I am making a passport and it was done. But the file was 7kb big. That was too much for me. So I started to make it shorter. I had a problem and this (look code below) is a simplified version of it but it didn't work. Can I do this for loop in the print command?

C = ["A","B","C","D","E","F","G"]
print(C[N] for N in range(0,7))

Questions=["What's your last name?","What's your first name?","On what day are you born? (dd/mm/yyyy + hh:mm)","What's your place of birth?","What's your nationality?","What language(s) do you speak?","What's your sex? (W/M)"]
Data=[input(Questions[N]+"\n") for N in range(0,7)]
Keys = ["Last name","First name","Birthday","Birthplace","Nationality","Language(s)","Sex"]
for N in range(0,7):
    print(repr(N+1)+") "+Keys[N]+": "+Data[N])

(Above) Total First it asks you 7 question: (see 'Questions' list) it stores the answers in the list 'Data' and then it tells you what you typed. it shoud look like this (below)

What's your last name?
What's your first name?
On what day are you born? (dd/mm/yyyy + hh:mm)
What's your place of birth?
What's your nationality?
What language(s) do you speak?
What's your sex? (W/M)

1) Last name: A
2) First name: B
3) Birthday: C
4) Birthplace: D
5) Nationality: E
6) Language: G
7) Sex: H

Question: Can I do the code(below) in 1 line

for N in range(0,7):
    print(repr(N+1)+") "+Keys[N]+": "+Data[N])