Orika HashMap to Bean sets null values for missing keys

I am using Orika as an object mapper in my Spring projects.

For partial updates I would like to map a HashMap (containing the updated key-value pairs) to an existing Bean. Null-values in the HashMap should be mapped to the bean.

Orika can be configured with mapNulls(true|false). When set to true, all fields in the target bean that are not available as a key in the source map will be set to null. If set to false no field in the target bean will be set to null no matter if there is a key in the source map with a null value or not.

I want to be able to transfer null-values from the map to the bean and ignore the mapping if there is no key.

Source HashMap:

Map<String, Object> newValues = new HashMap<>();
newValues.put("firstName", "John");
newValues.put("lastName", null);

Target bean:

public class User {
  private String firstName;
  private String lastName;
  private String title;

  //getters and setters...


User user = new User();
mapper.map(newValues, user);

Result (with mapNulls(true)):

firstName: John
lastName: null
title: null --> Should not be changed but set to null as not present in the HashMap

Result (with mapNulls(false)):

firstName: John
lastName: Doe --> Should be set to null but null values are ignored
title: Mr.