How to make a persistent virtual device in the Smart Home sample?

I just downloaded and ran the sample from here. It is working but whenever I connect to the web site ( or even refreshing it takes a lot of time andd the Node.js console shows it is getting a lot of "/bower_components", also even thought I have log in with the same account ("rick/oldman"), previously-added devices are gone.

I want to add a persistent simple virtual light, so I saw datastore.js, and either the documentation is missing or I could not find it. The only thing I could find was the comment.

 * Structure of Data
 * {
 *   <uid>: {
 *     <device id>: {
 *       properties: {
 *         <property name>: <property value>,
 *         <property name>: <property value>
 *       },
 *       states: {
 *         <state name>: <state value>,
 *         <state name>: <state value>
 *       }
 *     },
 *     <device id>: {...}
 *   },
 *   <uid>: {
 *     <device id>: {...},
 *     <device id>: {...},
 *     <device id>: {...}
 *   },
 *   ...
 * }

There was no sample, so I inferred from the logs (created a device on the web site), and created one like this, but this device does not show up.

const config = require('./config-provider');
const Data = {
        "on": false,
              "Fake Light"
            "name":"Fake Light 1",
              "fake lamp"
            "manufacturer":"Fake Home Provider",

I am not sure if the data is correct or not; I could not find any sample for that. What do I need to do to have a persistent virtual device and prevent re-downloading the bower components?