Replace python array data with json data

I have some data in my python file as follows :

train = [("Great place to be when you are in Bangalore.", "pos"),
  ("The place was being renovated when I visited so the seating was limited.", "neg"),
  ("Loved the ambience, loved the food", "pos"),
  ("The food is delicious but not over the top.", "neg"),
  ("Service - Little slow, probably because too many people.", "neg"),
  ("The place is not easy to locate", "neg"),
  ("Mushroom fried rice was spicy", "pos"),
  ("Cocee was hot and spicy", "neg")

I want to put this data into a json file and read the same from it, so that any new data can be added to the json file than modifying the code. I tried putting the same data into json file. But while reading in python I am getting an error

Expecting property name enclosed in double quotes: line 1 column 2 (char 1)

Can someone help me to get the same data by reading a json file?