Can I edit a 2010 RDLC in VS 2017 Community

Back when I was using VS 2010, I made several SSRS reports using RDLC designer built in to VS 2010. Today, I'm using VS 2017 community and I need to edit some of those old reports. How can I do this? This is for an ASP.NET MVC web app. Here's what I've tried.

  1. If I use the VS 2017 RDLC report designer ( to edit these reports, it upgrades the schema version and changes a lot of formatting. That makes it incompatible w/ my existing report server endpoint.
  2. I cannot find a VS 2010 RDCL report designer for VS 2017.
  3. I do not have any computers running VS 2010 anymore to use to modify this report

NOTE - As an alternative, I would be happy to migrate to a non SSRS solution if there's something better out there. I'm only using SSRS for formatting / PDF generation. I'm querying the actual data in C# / LINQ / EF.