removing letters from numbers of tournament results

I have a column of tournament placings that I need to convert to just the integers. What would be the best way to convert this column from strings to just integers? If I can get the T's removed I can just convert it. Eventually I have to sum by school with more than three athletes, but I should have that on my own. Thanks in advance.

Place      School    Rating
0   1      HOPKS     A16

1   2      FAIRWHS   B16

2   3      WILTHS    A16

3   4      LYMAMHS   E16

4   5      EASTLHS   E16

5   6      GREEHS    U

6   7      FAIRWHS   U

7   8      HOPKS     U

8  9T      RHAMHS    U

9  9T      GUILHS    E16