how to run unit tests on packages that have changed

I am trying to use lerna ( to manage my projects.

But one issue I am trying to find out is how to setup my test pipeline. If I only touch two projects, I would like only test cases from that two project will be executed.

But from what I read so far, seems like I will have to run all unit tests for all projects.

Does anyone have any idea how to execute on projects that changes only?

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  • answered 2018-03-13 21:15 Username123

    I think you can use this:

    and write something like this for each package (taken from then npm page)

      $ run-when-changed \
      --watch "tests/**/*-test.js" \
      --exec "mocha --require babel-register %s" \

    enter code here

    But replace tests/**/*-test.js with the files in your package And replace mocha --require babel-register %s with a command running mocha on that specific package