Add custom Sub - Annotator in Stanford NLP >= 3.9

I'm working with a custom RegexNER annotator in Stanford CoreNLP. I have just updated the library to version 3.9.1 from 3.8 and I noticed that now RegexNER is not anymore a stand-alone annotator as before, but rather a Sub-Annotator of ner.

How can i set my custom class instead of the default one?

In version 3.8 I was using the following:

properties.set('annotators', 'tokenize,ssplit,pos,lemma,ner,CUSTOMregexner')
properties.set('customAnnotatorClass.CUSTOMregexner', '/path/to/CUSTOMregexner')
pipeline = new StanfordCoreNLP(properties);

How can I obtain the same result in version 3.9 or higher?

Is there a parameter to set the ner Sub-Annotators?

The only thing that came to my mind was to set

properties.set('ner.applyFineGrained', 'false')

In this way I am disabling the built-in RegexNER annotator and thus I can add the custom one to the pipeline. By the way I do not know if this is the correct way of proceeding and if it is equivalent to setting the Sub-Annotator my custom class.

Thank you