How to rename certain JSON Object attribute to display it in HTML Table

If I have a list of objects acquired from a database

[{ "id":0 ,"name":"John", "lastname":"Shell" },{ "id":1,...];

which results in (dynatable plugin):

 data : JSON.stringify(data)
 success: function(data,status){ 

but I don't want to show the id on 'th' when generating a table in the html, instead I want to rename it to securityNumber without changing the actual JSON

      <table id="tabela">

I can't just replace id because the plugin identifies the columns name through the attribute of the JSON Object

I've tryed different plugins, i'm using dynatable (already searched at the documentation) but I am open to another solution.

How do I proceed ?

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  • answered 2018-03-13 21:31 Dominik Janković

    You can add a custom formatting method on textTransform and write up the mappings for the column names there. Check the docs here.

    An example of such a method might be

    dynatable.utility.textTransform.customColumnName = function(text) {
      if (text) === 'id' return 'security_number'
      return text

    Alternatively, you can transform the array with without changing the source JSON, for example:

    records: => {
      return {
        last_name: item.last_name