error: cannot find symbol method get Intent

I am trying to update the SQLite in MainActivity with another Java class. I am using Intent but I have this error. When I searched, I realized that with OnCreate I can take intent but I have a simple Java Class.

In My MainActivity I send it this way which does not seem like any problem here:

        btnupdate.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() {
        public void onClick(View v) {

            Calisan calisan = new Calisan();

            if (Util.editTextControl(txtFirstNameUpdate_New)) {

                if (Util.editTextControl(txtFirstNameUpdate_New)) {


                } else {

                    Util.showMessage(MainActivity.this, "Yeni Soyisim Alanı Boş Bırakılamaz.");
            } else {

                Util.showMessage(MainActivity.this, "Yeni İsim Alanı Boş Bırakılamaz.");

            Intent intent = new Intent (MainActivity.this, DBContext.class );

            intent.putExtra("ID", txtUpdatedID.getText().toString());
            intent.putExtra ( "FirstNameUpdate", txtFirstNameUpdate_New.getText().toString());
            intent.putExtra("LastNameUpdate", txtLastNameUpdate_New.getText().toString());

            boolean sonuc = DBContext.getInstance(MainActivity.this).updateEmployees(calisan.getId(), calisan.getAd(), calisan.getSoyad());

             Util.showMessage(MainActivity.this, sonuc ? "Calisan Eklendi" : "Calısan Eklenemedi");


And in the second Activity:

public final class DBContext {

    public boolean updateEmployees(long guncellenicekID, String guncellenecekAd, String guncellenicekSoyad){

        boolean result = false;

        //This is where I get error: cannot find symbol method 

        Intent i = getIntent();
        String updatedFirstName = i.getStringExtra("FirstNameUpdate");
        String updatedLastName = i.getStringExtra("LastNameUpdate");
        int ID = i.getIntExtra("ID",0);

        SQLiteDatabase database = dbHelper.getWritableDatabase();

        ContentValues cvUpdate = new ContentValues();
        cvUpdate.put(DBHelper.COLUMN_FIRST_NAME, updatedFirstName);
        cvUpdate.put(DBHelper.COLUMN_LAST_NAME, updatedLastName);

        long id = database.update(DBHelper.TABLE_NAME, cvUpdate, DBHelper.COLUMN_ID + "=" + guncellenicekID, null);

        if (id != -1){

            result = true;

        return result;

Thanks !