Best method to delete/update database contents from webpage

So I am working on a website that pulls information from a database but I want to include a button that will act on the information (edit the row being the main feature or use that information to pass into a form). I use a while loop to extract all of the information from the database to display it in a table (I want the button to appear beside a row in the table). There will be thousands of rows so I am looking for something that is automated and have no idea where to begin. Just looking suggestions or pointed in the right direction to research. Below is the code I use to query and present in a table, I am aware not all of the code is there to work perfectly but it does work perfectly when the rest of the code is added but my question is regarding adding to this section

$result = mysqli_query($conn,"SELECT * FROM `shopping` INNER JOIN `supplier` ON shopping.supplier_fk=supplier.supplier_name WHERE `shoppingType`='games'");

                echo "<thead>
                            <th>Product Name</th>
                            <th>Payment Method</th>
                            <th>Additional Information</th>
                            <th>Contact Supplier</th>

                while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result))
                    echo "<tbody><tr>";
                    echo "<td>" . $row['company_logo'] . "</td>";
                    echo "<td>" . $row['product_name'] . "</td>";
                    echo "<td>" . $row['payment_method'] . "</td>";
                    echo "<td>" . $row['product_price'] . $row['currency'] . "</td>";
                    echo "<td>" . $row['additional_info'] . "</td><td></td>";
                    echo "</tr>";
                echo "</tbody></table>";

This returns all fields from the shopping table where the shoppingType is games and joins with the supplier table to retrieve the supplier logo. I apologise if this has been asked before but I am not sure I am using the correct terminology when searching for assistance with this. The contact supplier heading is where the buttons will be displayed which is why the table cell open and close are in the last column with no information displayed.

Just to clarify, I am looking pointed in the right direction of the research I should do, I understand that I need to pass the ID of that row into my form to retrieve the information from the database, what I do not understand is how to link a button with a specific row using the ID of that row.