How to pivot huge data set in spark

I have a 15TB data set structured in the following way (the actual data is tab delimited, but for clarity here I replaced tab with comma)

id, date, time, key, value
1,  'date1', 'time1', 'key1', 1
1,  'date1', 'time1', 'key2', 0
2,  'date2', 'time2', 'key2', 10

Thankfully, the data appears to be sorted by id, date, and time. There approximately 100 different keys. I would like to pivot the data set into the following format:

id, date, time, key1, key2,...keyN
1, 'date1', 'time1', 1, 0 ....
2, 'date2', 'time2', null, 10,...

I have several questions:

Given I am attempting to do this in spark, what would be the best approach from a high level to accomplish this using EMR?

How would I parallelize this given that the files are well sorted?

What would be the best output format for a flat file? Should I be considering something like parquet, or is a flat CSV/TSV a good option?