Begginer in Java - I can't print on the same line (I'm not using println)

This seems to be a common question but I couldn't find the solution to my problem. I started learning Java very recently so I barely know the basic.

My professor gave an assignement where I have to write my name using asterisks. I did that using only one 'System.out.print' and it's very disorganized and confusing. So I tried this:

public class teste2
{ public static void main (String[] args)

  String BR = "*****   ***** \n*    *  *     *\n*    *  *    *\n*****  *****  \n*     * *     *\n*     * *     *\n******  ";

  String U = "*     *\n*     *\n*     *\n*     *\n*     *\n*    *\n*******";

  System.out.print (BR + U);


It works but they are in different lines, and I need it to be in just 1 line. What am I doing wrong?