How to write data to console from a structured data stream without using aggregations?

I am working with Spark Structured Streaming and trying to print values of the trays from labs to the console. My code looks like this:

val records = events.filter(
$" data.trays.tray1” <= 5 ||
$" data.trays.tray2" <= 10 ||
$" data.trays.tray3" <= 20)
.select("data.labs", "data.labs.tray1", “data.labs.tray2”, “data.labs.tray3”)

I get an error that is:

Error: Message: Complete output mode not supported when there are no streaming aggregations on streaming DataFrames/Datasets;;

Basically, just trying to display the values in Tray 1, Tray 2 and Tray 3 from the stream.
My expected output would be something like this:

Lab  |  Tray 1 | Tray 2 | Tray 3
FGF        4        8        13   
RFF        3        9        14   
WER        2        8        16   

However, spark is saying that I need aggregation when using the complete output mode option when writing a Dataframe to the console. If I need aggregation, what would my code look like. I am basically filter the data and wanting to display it. Can you help?