Vim using wrong colors

I have a problem with my vim and terminal configurations.
I am on Fedora Linux 27, run i3 and the gnome-terminal. I want to use the srcery color scheme (GH page). On GVim it works perfectly, right out the box. However, on the terminal it doesn't look as good. Srcery isn't the only color scheme with this issue, virtually all Base16 color schemes and all others that use 256 colors suffer from the same problem.

What I find bizarre, is that my $TERM variable is set to xterm-256color, tput colors gives out 256, and even vim itself claims to have a t_Co set to 256. I can do things like make the background of vim transparent, which then works properly.

Here you can see the color scheme working properly in GVim
And here a comparison to normal vim.

I have my gnome-terminal colors set to the srcery colors as well, there's a script on the GH page to create a srcery profile, which i am using. Alas, that does not help with my issue either.

Currently, I don't know how i could enable vim to correctly display my color scheme
Any help you could provide would be greatly, greatly appreciated.