Customer analyzer in Azure search with tokenizer "keyword_v2" doesn't return results for search test containing space

I have a field called machineTag in Azure Search Index created with below details:

"analyzers": [
    "@odata.type": "#Microsoft.Azure.Search.CustomAnalyzer",
    "name": "SWMLuceneAlongWithCustomHyphenAnalyser",
    "tokenizer": "keyword_v2",
    "tokenFilters": [
    "charFilters": []


and the index is

        "name": "machineTag",
        "type": "Edm.String",
        "searchable": true,
        "filterable": true,
        "retrievable": true,
        "sortable": true,
        "facetable": true,
        "key": false,
        "indexAnalyzer": null,
        "searchAnalyzer": null,
        "analyzer": "SWMLuceneAlongWithCustomHyphenAnalyser"

Now, there is text in this field called "high Machine", but my query:


doesn't return any results. Am I doing anything wrong here?

If I test the analyzer, it returned a result as shown below, and my understanding is that escaping space should return results: Input Body:

     "text": "high Machine"


    "@odata.context": "https://abcd/$metadata#Microsoft.Azure.Search.V2016_09_01.AnalyzeResult",

  "tokens": [
            "token": "high machine",
            "startOffset": 0,
            "endOffset": 12,
            "position": 0

Asking the question in another way, the field would contain text with space and * character. If the analyzer is wrong, please suggest..