Insert multiple records with a number range in MS Access

How would one add multiple records in a DB Table for numerical values. I have a table called Issue (Customer, Issue Date, Sealno.) where a user fills in the sealno. of the first seal and sealno. of the last seal. The first seal and the last is the range. In the table record of the first seal to the last will be filled all with the same Customer name and Issue Date.

My DB name is Seals;Table name Issue. The below macro is initiated by a save button in the DB Form;

                 Private Sub Command17_Click()
                 Dim rsIssue  As DAO.Recordset
                   Dim Seal As Date
                   Set rsIssue = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("Select Top 1 * 
                     From Issue")
                   Seal = Me!Seal1.Value
                   While DateDiff("d", Seal, Me!Seal2.Value) >= 0
                   rsIssue!SealNo.Value = Me!SealNo.Value
                   rsIssue!Customer.Value = Me!Customer.Value
                   rsIssue!Seal1.Value = Seal

                   Seal = DateAdd("d", 1, Seal)
        Set rsIssue = Nothing
         End Sub

The code however does not work. Thanks in advance.