Sorting And Searching Arrays in MIPS

We have the following as an assignment for computer organization:

Write a MIPS Assembly code that implements a recursive binary search in a signed integer array of an arbitrary size. The code should consist of a main part that calls a recursive procedure with the base address of the array. Beware that the array does not have to be sorted; hence, in your code you need to sort the array before calling the binary search procedure. The sorting can be either done using another procedure or directly in the main part of the code.

I have no problem in searching the array OR sorting it, but I'm unsure how am I supposed to search it after sorting it since I'll be making changes to the base array. So far, this is my code:

.globl main
.data # this is a data structure in MIPS

Array:  .word  1, 3, 6, 2, 8 # this is an array
size: .word 5
welcome: .asciiz "Enter an integer"
notfound:.asciiz "Not found"

la  $t7, Array      # Copy the base address of your array into $t0
    addi $t7, $t7, 20    # 4 bytes per int * 10 ints = 40 bytes                              
outterLoop:            # Used to determine when we are done iterating over the Array
    add $t9, $0, $0    # $t9 holds a flag to determine when the list is sorted
    la  $a0, Array      # Set $a0 to the base address of the Array
innerLoop:                  # The inner loop will iterate over the Array checking if a swap is needed
    lw  $t2, 0($a0)        # sets $t0 to the current element in array
    lw  $t3, 4($a0)        # sets $t1 to the next element in array
    slt $t8, $t2, $t3      # $t8 = 1 if $t2 < $t3
    beq $t8, $0, continue  # if $t8 = 1, then swap them
    add $t9, $0, 1          # if we need to swap, we need to check the list again
    sw  $t2, 4($a0)        # store the greater numbers contents in the higher position in array (swap)
    sw  $t3, 0($a0)        # store the lesser numbers contents in the lower position in array (swap)
    addi $a0, $a0, 4            # advance the array to start at the next location from last time
    bne  $a0, $t7, innerLoop    # If $a0 != the end of Array, jump back to innerLoop
    bne  $t9, $0, outterLoop    # $t9 = 1, another pass is needed, jump back to outterLoop

addi $t0,$a0,-20

lw $t5,size
addi $t6,$0,0

li  $v0, 4          #print string

la  $a0, welcome

li  $v0, 5          #read integer

addi  $a1, $v0,0 #int in a1
la $t4, Array # load the array "Array"'s base address to register $t4
jal search
li $v0,10      #exit the program

beq $t6,$t5,Not
addi $sp,$sp,-4
sw $ra,0($sp)

lw  $t1, 0($t4)    # load the first element in the "Array", which is Array[0]. 
beq $a1,$t1, L1    #branch to L1 if t1 = a1
addi $t6,$t6,1
addi $t4,$t4,4
jal search
lw $ra,0($sp)
addi $sp,$sp,4
jr $ra
addi  $v1,$t6,0
jr $ra
li  $v0, 4          #print string

la  $a0,notfound