REST API calls using crone job on heroku

I have bought third party API that provides live score of football matches. But they provides limited requests (1000/hour). To handle large number of users, I want to store response data in my database and allow users of my app to query directly in my database.

Now, Issue is in running and scheduling crone job for everyday automatically. I have schedule of matches of 40 days. Each day there will be 3 matches. 2 matches will be together and 3rd will be after 3 hours. (FIFA WorldCup)

I want to run crone job which will check Match time in database, every 15 mins. If it finds match, it will start another crone job, which will call live score api every minute, until match ends and save it in database. If two match found, two crone jobs wil be started.

Is my solution valid? Is there any other solution to get this done? Help will be much appreciated.

I'm writing all my code in Node.js. And I am using this API as third party service.