Laravel Mailable queue, how to pass custom data to MessageSent event

I am using Laravel Mailable to send email, and I want to log the email that was successfully sent.

Laravel Mailable have default event that was fired after the email was sent

So I hook my listener to this event

protected $listen = [
        'App\Events\Event' => [
        'Illuminate\Mail\Events\MessageSent' => [

Listener handler

public function handle(MessageSent $event)

    //get extra data 
    $job_request_id = $event->message->job_request_id;

    $message = $event->message;

    $data = [
        'job_request_id' => $job_request_id,
        'to' => $message->getHeaders()->get('To'),
        'from' => $message->getHeaders()->get('From'),
        'cc' => $message->getHeaders()->get('Cc'),
        'bcc' => $message->getHeaders()->get('Bcc'),
        'subject' => $message->getHeaders()->get('Subject')->getFieldBody(),
        'body' => $message->getBody(),

    $email_notification_log = $this->email_notification_log->create($data);

The extra data job_request_id is passed from the build() method in Mailable class, CustomEmailNotification.php

class CustomEmailNotification extends Mailable implements ShouldQueue

    public function build()
        $job_request_id = 1;

        //pass extra data mail message            

        $this->withSwiftMessage(function ($message) use($job_request_id){
            $message->job_request_id = $job_request_id;

Right now this line on Listener class is working fine without queue, however when using queue it will return null

 //get extra data 
 $job_request_id = $event->message->job_request_id;
 //null when using queue

Question is, what is the correct way to pass custom data to MailSent event when using queue?

Or is there possibility job_request_id is lost when using queue and pass to withSwiftMessage(), so the Event Listener just received null value?