Signing with OCSP by using iText

I can sign a pdf document without problem. My app logic is; 1- create an empty field for signature in pdf 2- send the hash code of the field to the signature webservice 3- get signature object 4- embedded this object into the field.

Here is my code Signature is Invalid for PDF File with iText
Thank to @mlk, helped me regarding it.

But I i realize that I have problem with Revocation.

As can bee seen in the image, my signature does not contain OCSP. and in the trust section, 'Certify documents' option is failed (red cross)

The response of the webservice already contains crl and ocsp

  <sc:CRL> .... CRL .... </sc:CRL>
  <sc:OCSP> ..... ocsp content..... </sc:OCSP>

But I only use signature object.

My question is that how I can embed CRL and OCSP into the pdf.

As I see some examples, SignDetached method has been used instead of SignDeferred method. If I have to use also SignDetached method then should I create a field in the pdf file. Because I will need this field's hash code. How the process works.

Edit: When I open my test pdf file and a pdf which has been signed by swisscom, I see this windows.

For swisscom

And this is my test pdf

As can bee seen, there is a difference regarding validation.. So I click the signatue field and validate so I got this window.

This is the same to swisscom original signed file. but I need to do extra 'validate'. What is missing in my signature that I need to validate?

Edit 2:

Signed by Swisscom

and my signed test file