RotaTiva not working in mvc 5

My application is in mvc 5 on .net framework version 4.5.2

I am using Rotavita to convert view in pdf

I tried adding Rotavita package by Giorgio Bozio from nugget

enter image description here

It get install and added new folder by the name RotaVita in my project with exe file

enter image description here

But I am not able to use it in controller as it is not available there

enter image description here

After some googling I found a post suggesting to use Rotavita.MVC by Dmitry Pronin . It get install without any problem and now I am able to use it in controller by including

using Rotativa.MVC;

and in action method

return new ActionAsPdf("Index", Model) { FileName="rpt.pdf"};

It does return a PDF File but it does not contain anything , a blank pdf file

enter image description here

I am using RotaVita in core 2.0 and its work perfectly , but not in mvc 5

How can I make it work here?