C# Pointer in Interface [Xamarin]

I'm somewhat of a beginner. I am familiar with the concept of a pointer being such that if I declare one:

string *test = "pointers";

and then pass it on

string *test2 = test;

has the following effect..

test2 = "pointers"

and if I change the value of test, the "value" of test2 will change too.

Ok, now the reason I pointed this out because I want to return a pointer from one of my functions. Sounds simple. But, the function I refer to is an interface where I am using a DependencyService for some cross-platform coding. I get the error "Interfaces cannot contain constructors" when attempting to put string[]* myFunction; in the interface definition.

What I'm going for here is an array of strings from my Android project as a DataSource in my Cross-platform project. The reason being, the contents of my list cannot be populated until after the full android project is loaded, but the interface is drawn before that. So, I figure if I create a pointer to my string array I can just modify the array from my droid project after its loaded and the changes will be noticed.

Perhaps another way of wording this question exists:

How can I bind platform-specific-data to my cross-platform-project while the data being changed around on the platform-specific project is reflected in the cross platform project?