UNNotificationServiceExtension Not work, even set mutable-contet to 1

i write a app in objective-c. i use oneSignal framework for push notification. but my problem is UNNotificationServiceExtension not run and not work. i need to change the body of notifications before show to the user, and for that i need to this extension, but not worked .. i set the mutable-content to 1 but still not working !!! this is my received notification in app :

    aps =     {
        alert =         {
            body = sdf;
            subtitle = sdf;
            title = sdf;
        "mutable-content" = 1;
        sound = default;
    custom =     {
        i = "3a36c1ea-873f-4bac-8bd5-5b4a9eb4fd34";

and this is my UNNotificationServiceExtension :

#import <OneSignal/OneSignal.h>

#import "NotificationService.h"

@interface NotificationService ()

@property (nonatomic, strong) void (^contentHandler)(UNNotificationContent *contentToDeliver);
@property (nonatomic, strong) UNNotificationRequest *receivedRequest;
@property (nonatomic, strong) UNMutableNotificationContent *bestAttemptContent;


@implementation NotificationService

- (void)didReceiveNotificationRequest:(UNNotificationRequest *)request withContentHandler:(void (^)(UNNotificationContent * _Nonnull))contentHandler {
    self.receivedRequest = request;
    self.contentHandler = contentHandler;
    self.bestAttemptContent = [request.content mutableCopy];

    [OneSignal didReceiveNotificationExtensionRequest:self.receivedRequest withMutableNotificationContent:self.bestAttemptContent];

    // DEBUGGING: Uncomment the 2 lines below and comment out the one above to ensure this extension is excuting
    //            Note, this extension only runs when mutable-content is set
    //            Setting an attachment or action buttons automatically adds this
    NSLog(@"Running NotificationServiceExtension");
    // self.bestAttemptContent.body = [@"[Modified] " stringByAppendingString:self.bestAttemptContent.body];


- (void)serviceExtensionTimeWillExpire {
    // Called just before the extension will be terminated by the system.
    // Use this as an opportunity to deliver your "best attempt" at modified content, otherwise the original push payload will be used.

    [OneSignal serviceExtensionTimeWillExpireRequest:self.receivedRequest withMutableNotificationContent:self.bestAttemptContent];