Building on netty-tcnative for solaris?

I have been using netty-tcnative-1.1.33.Fork17 for my web server program on solaris since 2016. (JDK1.7 32bit, netty-4.0.25, solaris11). It is good ssl provider for me who develop java program on solaris sparc.

Then, I will update netty and netty-tcnative version on solaris sparc. There are many updated netty and netty-tcnative after I used.

Now, netty major version is 4.1.x , netty-tcnative major version is 2.0.x. I think I have to use this version. However, over netty-tcnative 2.0.2~8 package used not supported string function(strndup) on solaris sparc in jnilib.c.

Finally, I comple and package netty-tcnative-2.0.1 with netty 4.1.13.Final on solaris sparc.(JDK1.8 64bit)

Question1. There are anyother reason not support solaris sparc after netty-tcnative-2.0.2? I'm concerned about my netty-tcnative package for running.
Question2. Can you change or include string function(strndup) on further version for solaris..?