Android Animation Issue on RecycleView Items

I added on click animations on some button items from a recycle view.

Everything works smoothly, however when I scroll down the list some buttons appear in a weird state like they were frozen during the animation phase even though the animation was not being triggered for these buttons while for others the their view is set to invisible/gone.

This is part of the shrinking animation code, where shrink is a ValueAnimator object.

shrink.addUpdateListener { animation ->
        val animatedValue = animation.animatedValue as Int
        v.layoutParams.width = animatedValue
    shrink.addListener(object : AnimatorListenerAdapter() {
        override fun onAnimationStart(animation: Animator) {
            v.visibility = View.VISIBLE
            v.isEnabled = false
        override fun onAnimationEnd(animation: Animator) {
            v.layoutParams.width = 0
            v.visibility = View.GONE
            v.isEnabled = false

I have a View and ViewHolder class where I bind the visibility of the recycle view items when I scroll.

Is there a step I missed in the animation lifecycle to work together with the recycle view items? I was thinking that maybe I have to take care of onAnimationStop or onAnimationPause cases but I am not sure.

Any help would be much appreciated.