How to update one collection in Mongodb based on other Json data

I have collection in Mongo Db Like this

( [
   { EmployeeId: "123", qty: 100, status: "A"},
   { EmployeeId: "456", qty: 25, status: "A"},
   { EmployeeId: "789", qty: 85, status: "A"}

Now i have other data coming from Json which contains EmployeeId in it Like below:

( [
  { EmployeeId: "123", Designation: "manager"},
  { EmployeeId: "456", Designation: "Lead"},
  { EmployeeId: "789", Designation:"Developer"}

I want to update all the records in the first collection at once based on the EmployeeId which is common in Json and MongodB collection.

Is there any possibility to achieve that in NodeJs.