Localhost website/virtualhost forces www prefix

so first some information. I have a live JOOMLA website(working fine) which I copied(httpdocs file with FTP and exported/imported database) to my localhost server and created a virtual host for it. So far working with no problems.

Now the problem is, when I try to visit the page, either by clicking in Wampserver homepage or manually type the url in the address bar, it automatically adds www. infront. Comes out like this www.joomla/ instead of joomla/ so I can't access the page. But when I go to the administration page it works fine joomla/administrator. But it says not secure if that means anything

Now I've tried editing the .htaccess file with the rewrite function but it didn't help. I am completely lost by now. Might it be some settings in the files from the live site?