How can I control R-pi from MFC(or windows program)

I have Raspberry Pi and camera for it. Now it is used to detect errors during some kind of manufacturing process. The codes are written in python3.6.1 and openCV package.

I need to control R-Pi from my PC or smart phone(android). Because I have to study MFC in near future, it would be better if I could make MFC or windows program for this. But If android application is much better, it would be okay.

The approximate functions of this program are :

  • Streaming Video from R-Pi camera when button is clicked.
  • Alerting(or just showing text) when error is detected.
  • Logging procedure.
  • Run or Stop .py file in R-Pi (If it is possible)

I don't have any experience for this kind of work. So I would study stuffs from zero. What would be the best way to achieve my object?