error: system/extras/perfprofd/Android.bp:77:1: "libperfprofd_record_proto" depends on undefined module "libquipper"

I am trying to build AOSP on master branch for hikey960 board. I followed below procedure to build AOSP.

$ repo init -u -b master
$ repo sync -j24

After running below command I used to get terminal output(on Android'O': 8.1.0 some include msg). But I didn't get in this case.

$ source build/ 

Please Note no terminal output after this command. Is this real issue?

$ lunch

You're building on Linux
Lunch menu... pick a combo:
 1. aosp_angler-userdebug

Which would you like? [aosp_arm-eng] 36

Bellow is the few lines of terminal output.

 /*Other ENV set*/

 $ make -j24

And below is the error

 [1/1] out/soong/.minibootstrap/minibp      out/soong/.bootstrap/
 [58/59] glob prebuilts/ndk/cpufeatures.bp
 [82/82] out/soong/.bootstrap/bin/soong_build out/soong/
 FAILED: out/soong/ 
 out/soong/.bootstrap/bin/soong_build -t -l      out/.module_paths/Android.bp.list -b out/soong -n out -d      out/soong/ -o out/soong/ Android.bp
 error: system/extras/perfprofd/Android.bp:77:1: "libperfprofd_record_proto" depends on undefined module "libquipper"
 ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.
 11:21:46 soong bootstrap failed with: exit status 1

As I am new to AOSP, I tried to find in most way, but still struggling to find solution, Expecting help here. Thank you in advance.

ref: Using Reference Boards

2 answers

  • answered 2018-05-16 09:38 Hugo y

    Did you establish the correct build environment ?

    See Establishing a Build Environment

  • answered 2018-05-16 09:52 Hugo y

    You can try to build libquipper directly

    . ./build/
    lunch hikey960-userdebug
    cd external/perf_data_converter/src/quipper