Schedule a work on a specific time with WorkManager

WorkManager is a library used to enqueue work that is guaranteed to execute after its constraints are met.

Hence, After going though the Constraints class I haven't found any function to add time constraint on the work. For like example, I want to start a work to perform at 8:00am (The work can be any of two types OneTimeWorkRequest or PeriodicWorkRequest) in the morning. How can I add constraint to schedule this work with WorkManager.

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  • answered 2018-05-16 06:14 Sagar

    You can schedule the work as follows:

    Create Worker class:

    public class MyWorker extends Worker {
        public Worker.WorkerResult doWork() {
            // Do the work here
            // Indicate success or failure with your return value:
            return WorkerResult.SUCCESS;
            // (Returning RETRY tells WorkManager to try this task again
            // later; FAILURE says not to try again.)

    Then schedule OneTimeWorkRequest as follows:

    OneTimeWorkRequest mywork=
            new OneTimeWorkRequest.Builder(MyWorker.class)
            .setInitialDelay(<duration>, <TimeUnit>)// Use this when you want to add initial delay or schedule initial work to `OneTimeWorkRequest` e.g. setInitialDelay(2, TimeUnit.HOURS)

    You can setup additional constraints as follows:

    // Create a Constraints that defines when the task should run
    Constraints myConstraints = new Constraints.Builder()
        // Many other constraints are available, see the
        // Constraints.Builder reference

    Then create a OneTimeWorkRequest that uses those constraints

    OneTimeWorkRequest mywork=
                    new OneTimeWorkRequest.Builder(MyWorker.class)

    PeriodicWorkRequest can be created as follows:

     PeriodicWorkRequest periodicWork = new PeriodicWorkRequest.Builder(MyWorker.class, 12, TimeUnit.HOURS)

    This creates a PeriodicWorkRequest to run periodically once every 12 hours.

  • answered 2018-05-16 06:15 Vivek Shah

    You can use job schedular

    You can use even Alarm Manager also