Why is Android Studio not finding the x86 emulator when running a flutter app?

The iOS emulator launches with no problems. However, when selecting an Android virtual device, an error message appears saying that "the emulator program for the x86 CPU is missing". Currently, I am only able to launch the Android emulators from the command line:

$ cd /Users/$USER/Library/Android/sdk/emulator
$ emulator -avd Pixel_API_P

The problem is specific to flutter projects on Android Studio. Android virtual devices do launch normally with Android projects.


MacOS Sierra 10.12.6
Android Studio 3.1.2
Flutter 0.3.2 • channel beta
Tools • Dart 2.0.0-dev.48.0.flutter-fe606f890b
Flutter doctor (no problems found)

2 answers

  • answered 2018-05-16 17:19 Prasang Misra

    Check if your GPU rendering is activated in your BIOS settings. Generally the BIOS keeps the GPU rendering off. You can change it, then clean your Android Studio, then reload your ADB.

    Hope this helps. :)

  • answered 2018-05-16 20:57 XY6

    The problem was that my virtual device's image was x86 rather than x86_64.

    ADV Manager > edit device > Change... > x86 images > download & select x86_64 image