Windows server 2003 can't telnet on Red Hat 7 machine on same network

i'm stuck in this problem from days and i can't resolve it:

I've two virtual machine on vmware:

  • windows server 2003 with firewall service disabled with ip

  • Red Hat 7 enterprise with a process listening on port 671 and ip

Two vm ping each other successfully, but when try to telnet linux one on 671 port from windows 2003 one, i receive this message:

Connecting To Could not open connection to the host, in port 671: Connect failed

On windows server 2003 was disabled telnet service, and once i've activated it, i can telnet to localhost.

I've cloned my linux vm and i can telnet successfully from windows one.

From my PC i can telnet linux one successfully (i'm in same vlan of two machine) on 671 port.

There aren't antivirus installed on windows machine and firewall is disabled on both vm.

Anyone can help me to understand why two machine can't telnet? This is really weird.

Thank you.