Adapts python and devkit script to Emerald (U) to Esmeralda (ESP)

Good night. The first to apologize if the question is misformulated, for my English and of course if this can not be asked in this forum.

I'm working on a routine adaptation of a pokemon game called Pokemon Emerald in its version USA to the ESP version.

I have found a script made in Python that modifies certain aspects of the game in its USA version (like enlarging the number of Pokemon) and would want to know if someone manages with the IDA or something similar to find the routines and offsets that are needed to be able to apply it in their Version ESP.

Here I leave the link to this script on GitHub:

I repeat that if this cannot be asked here please that an administrator does the pertinent thing not to annoy to the community. I have assumed that maybe if you use Python as a base.

In advance thank you to anyone who can help me.