conda create env is not working in git bash, windows 10

I have miniconda (conda 4.5.4) installed on my windows 10 machine, and I'm trying to set up a python3 virtual env and a python2.7 virtual env so that I could use one version of the language in one virtual env. This is pretty straightforward to do on the anaconda prompt, but I'm trying to make this work on git bash which is the shell that I use the most.

I created a python 2 environment with the following command in the anaconda prompt: conda create -n py2.7_geo_visualization python=2.7

this installed smoothly on the anaconda prompt and activate py2.7_geo_visualization works as desired.

So, switching fromt the anaconda prompt to git bash... running activate py2.7_geo_visualization on git bash makes the shell return without the name of the virtualenv in parentheses next to the git bash command line. I get biney@LAPTOP-1IXXXXX MINGW64 ~ no matter what. And also I cannot use python 2, that command leaves git bash hanging (typing in python always leaves git bash hanging now, I added lines to my .bashrc and .bash_profile that were along the lines of alias python3="winpty.exe"

I tried creating a virtual env with conda via git bash, but I get the same problem; nothing shows up next to biney@LAPTOP-1IXXXXX MINGW64 ~

since activate does nothing, I don't know how to get a virtualenv up and running that isolates my two versions of python.


Can someone tell me why a question asked in 2012 that has nothing to do with miniconda installation is a duplicate version of this question and how to actually apply the solution or can I just make a new question? I get that me asking a "duplicate question" isn't helpful and good content for stackoverflow, but I still don't have any understanding of how that question even begins to apply to mine. Especially after I already left multiple comments saying that I can't successfully run commands to find the directories that are mentioned in that question.