BouncyCastle Timestamp with OCSP embedded


I am building TimeStamp Authorization by BouncyCastle (c#), everything is ok, however, I can't figure out how I can embed OCSP response when sign by timestamp key, by default, it just use CRL which defined in timestamp certificate.

TimeStampTokenGenerator tokenGen = new TimeStampTokenGenerator(theIssuerPrivateKey, cert, TspAlgorithms.Sha512, "1.2");

                IList certList = new ArrayList();

                IX509Store x509Certs = X509StoreFactory.Create("Certificate/Collection", new X509CollectionStoreParameters(certList));

                TimeStampRequestGenerator reqGen = new TimeStampRequestGenerator();
                TimeStampRequest req = reqGen.Generate(TspAlgorithms.Sha512, content);

                TimeStampResponseGenerator respGen = new TimeStampResponseGenerator(tokenGen, TspAlgorithms.Allowed);
                TimeStampResponse resp = respGen.Generate(req, new BigInteger("23"), signTime);

                //embedded some ocsp response to tokenGen maybe? But how?

Please help....